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About the Book

This book takes the mystery out of money management by combining biblical laws with sound financial management principles, and easy-to-use tools to equip you to thrive in any economic climate. Follow this straightforward, common-sense approach to achieve your financial success.

When all the money was spent in the land of Egypt, all the people came to Joseph, and said, “Give us bread, for why should we die in your presence? For our money fails.” (Genesis 47:15)

Today we too are in the midst of an economic crisis—a global pandemic of financial illiteracy resulting in broken families, dependency on predatory lending, health issues, mental issues, bankruptcy, foreclosures, divorces, and homelessness.

Sadly, due to the lack of financial education, young adults generally adopt the patterns of their community with little or no chance of breaking that cycle, hence becoming a generational pandemic.

Using easy to follow instructions When Money Fails show you:

Meet Marlene Stotts

Marlene Stotts has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. Her financial literacy practice founded in 2001 specializes in helping individuals treat their household finances like a business. Her unique style of teaching combines the fundamentals of financial planning with sound biblical principles relating to wealth management. She is known for her bold, holistic, and common-sense approach to money management. Her life mission is: “To Rid the Body of Christ Of Financial Illiteracy.”

She is the founder of “Money Matters with Marlene” and “Closet Talk.” These programs focus on financial literacy including closing the wealth gap and leaving a financial legacy for many generations.

As a former track and field athlete, she understands it takes discipline to achieve goals, including financial goals. She has been married to Michael Stotts for 30 years and works alongside him to fulfill their calling and purpose for the Kingdom.

Praise For When Money Fails:

Debra Poneman,

bestselling author, and founder Yes to Success, Inc.

When Money Fails gives a step-by-step plan for growing in abundance and at the same time provides a plan for living an extraordinary life on every level….and then substantiates every recommendation with the Word of God. This is the book that I will now be recommending to anyone who is struggling with finances or has a desire to become better managers and stewards of their money. The struggle does not have to exist. The way out is now in your hands.”

- Pastor Denelvi Ashton,

Senior Pastor, Tabernacle of Praise

“Most books have the ability to change a man’s life. When something changes, the value remains the same. It may take on a different form, but the value remains the same. This book however goes beyond change, it causes a man’s life to be actually transformed. As a result, it can transform their finances or the ability of that man to use finances, to manage finances, that can make his life totally amazing. Once something is transformed the value no longer remains the same. So, it is not only a life that is transformed because when a life is transformed generations are affected by it. Therefore, this book is not only a book that deals with an individual but one that deals with generations.”

Luke Quamina,

Organizational Development Consultant at Legacy School of Leadership & Associate Pastor at San Fernando Open Bible Church, Trinidad & Tobago

The insight in this book is the exact biblical prescription for the believer wanting to prosper in an economic crisis.”

Apostle Edward Brinson,

Senior Pastor, Redeeming Word Christian Center Intl.

“The current pandemic has had a huge impact on the wealth of many of God’s precious people. As Joseph successfully managed the food crisis, the strategies in this book will allow us to manage the money crisis. When Money Fails gives the reader the tools needed to live above crisis, to live crisis-ready. This book is not just a “must-read,” but a “must-implement” book.”

Jeannetta Collier,

Founder and CEO of Jeannetta Collier Enterprises Inc., author, executive producer, radio personality

“Once in a “Blue Moon,” you pick up a book that talks about money and finances along with piquing your interest. I must say, this is the book. Marlene breaks down the principles and helps you digest how your money and finances not only play a role in your day-to-day but how it relates to God’s plan. This is a book that I highly recommend to the young, old, and future generations.”

Bishop Rob Watson,

CEO, Rob Watson International

“I’m so excited that someone has taken the time to provide economic direction based on spiritual revelation for people in turbulent times. It is a fact that the enemy has authority to rule in any area of darkness; that is his kingdom. In this case, our people are often in darkness when it comes to financial matters, which leads to the enemy ruling and controlling their economic future. Wherever there is light, the enemy has no legal authority to occupy or reign. I believe in such a relevant, and insightful manner, When Money Fails sheds light on this subject: thereby causing financial ignorance to banish and sound judgment to prevail. Marlene Stotts has captured the very essence of kingdom awareness as it pertains to economic wealth. Whether in the kingdom or the marketplace, these sound and proven principles will prepare you for whatever direction and climate the financial market turns. There is an ever-present need for financial literacy and this book is spot on for information and direction. Don’t be left in the dark with your financial future, come out of the enemy’s kingdom and let When Money Fails bring you into the light. Project, Prepare, & Prosper.”

Apostle Trevor Wilson,

BA Theology/Psychology, Nassau, Bahamas

“To the body of Christ and the kingdom at large. This book reflects the mind of God for this season that we’re in and beyond. Marlene goes into great detail using the principles of God to direct us out of this global financial crisis. She teaches you how to navigate and become a great steward using great tools and strategies to create your vision and set your goals. When Money Fails is definitely an eye opener and it will push the reader to develop a prosperous mindset for financial freedom and stability.”

David Imonitie,

author, CEO & Founder, Believe Nation & I Believe Foundation

“When Money Fails will show you that even when money fails you don’t have to fail. It will provide you with the tools and the strategies to master the game of money no matter what. The economy doesn’t have to dictate your financial future. This book is a must-read and a must-study for you to win in the money game even WHEN MONEY FAILS.”

Read the Mission to When Money Fails

As per my observation, believers are often the last to be informed of changes in the political and socio-economic environment, which can impact their finances and eventually their lives. We spend so much time in the “House of the Lord,” that we neglect our physical surroundings. We are holy, love the Lord, but financially illiterate. So, in times of economic crisis, we are the last to be informed and the first to be negatively impacted. During current times, we must understand where the economy is going, how it will impact our families, and what we need to do to rise above the turmoil. My mission is to rid God’s precious people of financial illiteracy. Due to the lack of financial skills at home, children generally adopt the patterns of their parents, hence, creating a generational pandemic of financial illiteracy.

I hope the information contained in this book will allow me to realize that mission and help you to achieve financial freedom. I am quite aware that there are thousands of financial books on the market today. However, this book takes a more holistic approach to money and money management, not just in good times, but in tough times. I pray that this book becomes a blessing to your family, your community, and more importantly, citizens of the Kingdom of God, God’s precious people.

When Money Fails Live Online Masterclass

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Order Your Copy Of When Money Fails And Get Placed in a Drawing to WIN A FREE Masterclass With The Author Valued At $497.

STEP 1: Order the eBook or paperback from Amazon

STEP 2: Validate your purchase below to get placed in a drawing to win a FREE Masterclass ($497 value)

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