About Marlene

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Marlene holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration from Jackson State University. Her background in Engineering and Business Administration allowed her to serve in managerial roles for Siemens and Lucent Technologies. She retired into entrepreneurship with a focus on Financial Literacy mainly because of her upbringing.

Marlene grew up in a household that was financially challenged. She has a heart for seeing individuals go beyond debt freedom to total financial freedom. She learned the fundamentals of money management from her single mother who managed a household of 8 kids yet left a financial legacy of real estate and money. She proceeded to become certified in the area of money management, retirement planning and insurance.

For over 19 years Marlene Stotts has travelled the world, teaching the fundamentals of financial planning with a focus on biblical principles. She is the founder of “Money Matters with Marlene” and “Closet Talk”.

As a former athlete, she understands it takes discipline to achieve goals including financial goals. She has been married to Michael Stotts for 30 years and works alongside him to fulfill their calling and purpose for the Kingdom.

"Marlene has a unique ability to communicate truth with care and candor like nobody else I know."

Luke Quamina

Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach

"Marlene knows exactly what to look for when assessing your current financial situation and asks the tough questions about your financial profile".

Apostle Ed & Yvette Brinson

Senior Pastor

"Marlene provides financial solutions using tested biblical principles, practical wisdom and plain common sense".

Denelvi & Lezina Ashton

Entrepreneur & Senior Pastor

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Crisis Ready.

We help individuals understand that debt freedom is just the starting point to a financial legacy. We take the Mystery Out of Money because we understand Financial Literacy pays off.

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